Hillary’s Pandering to Illegals on Healthcare Exposed

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton was forced to defend her latest flip-flop as she was reminded that her current position on free health care for illegal aliens is markedly different from her past opposition to government-run health care for illegals. “In the past, you’ve said that undocumented immigrants would not be covered by your health […]

Democrat Presidential Candidates Race to Rip Open Borders

The remaining candidates for the Democratic Party’s Presidential nomination are tripping over themselves to pander to the illegal alien lobby and see who can go further in tearing open our southern border and encouraging further lawlessness. All three candidates would open up parts of Obamacare to immigrants here illegally. And they’d all shut down controversial […]

Hillary: Give Obamacare to Illegals

Hillary Clinton announced she now supports offering Obamacare to illegal aliens after opposing it for most of the last decade. She completed the flip-flop during the Democratic presidential debate last night after video emerged of her testimony before Congress: “We do not think the comprehensive healthcare benefits should be extended to those who are undocumented […]