Hillary: Give Obamacare to Illegals

Hillary Clinton announced she now supports offering Obamacare to illegal aliens after opposing it for most of the last decade.Hillary_Clinton_speaking_at_Families_USA

She completed the flip-flop during the Democratic presidential debate last night after video emerged of her testimony before Congress:

“We do not think the comprehensive healthcare benefits should be extended to those who are undocumented workers and illegal aliens. We do not want to do anything to encourage more illegal immigration into this country. We know now that too many people come in for medical care, as it is. We certainly don’t want them having the same benefits that American citizens are entitled to have,” the then-first lady said, according to a clip of the hearing that surfaced Tuesday night thanks to a conservative healthcare policy expert, Chris Jacobs.

Hillary did offer tepid opposition to giving subsidies directly to illegal alien lawbreakers.

Clinton said, responding to O’Malley’s position, that she could not support providing subsidies to immigrants in the country illegally because of the complicated economics.

“That raises so many issues. It needs to be part of comprehensive immigration reform,” she said.

Right now, only the state of California is working to add illegals to Obamacare.