Surge 2.0: Border Patrol Preps for Another Long Summer

Border Patrol agents are preparing for another summer of Central American and Mexican unaccompanied minors pouring over the Southern Border.

Right now, the Border Patrol estimates they will catch 39,000 minors and 53,000 families at the border this year.

While this is down from the Great Surge in 2014, it will still nearly triple the numbers from 2013 and overwhelm facilities all across the Southern Border.

“They’re completely unprepared,” Johnson said of federal agencies, according to the Times. “When stuff happens fast, they’re going to be at capacity again and there’s going to be a backlog…You’d think that people would learn from their mistakes, but I don’t think they have.”

This time last year, government officials began to see an increase in the numbers of families and children crossing the border and the pattern appears to already be taking shape for this year.

These numbers may represent a slight decrease from last year’s massive flood but some believe the numbers may be somewhat understated.

He noted slight increases in the number of immigrants caught crossing in West Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and Southern California.

“I think the smugglers are actually trying to shake out their new routes,” he said.