Scott Brown: Obama-Shaheen Immigration and Security Policies ‘Inviting More Chaos and Danger’

Breitbart — MANCHESTER, New Hampshire — Former Sen. Scott Brown pulled no punches in a foreign policy speech here on Wednesday, bashing President Barack Obama and incumbent Democratic Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D-NH)—whom he’s trying to unseat in November—for “pathetic” policies on immigration and national security that put America at risk. “The Obama-Shaheen agenda of amnesty and no border enforcement is only inviting more chaos and danger. Illegal immigration is above all a national-security challenge,” Brown said. “And should I have the honor of representing New Hampshire in the Senate, I will vote each and every time to provide every resource we need to guard this nation’s borders and enforce this nation’s laws.” Brown added that America’s “terrorist enemies” plan to prey on Washington’s lack of resolve when it comes to securing the border. “Think for a moment how it looks to our terrorist enemies that so many in Washington lack even the will to protect America’s sovereignty… to know who’s coming into this country, and to guard against the threat of attack,” Brown said. “It conveys such a passive, pathetic attitude. It sends a message of such weakness at a time when the world needs to see the strength and resolve of the United States.” [Read More]