Sarah Palin: Obama Gave Working Class ‘the Middle Finger’

Newsmax — President Barack Obama gave voters “the middle finger” with his decision to extend amnesty to millions of undocumented immigrants, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said Thursday.

“This is the epitome of giving Americans the middle finger,” the one-time vice-presidential candidate said in a video from her Sarah Palin Channel, which she shared on her Facebook page Thursday. “He’s placing our nation in great danger.”

Americans voted in a new, Republican-controlled Congress to “stop Obama’s agenda,” but the president has total disregard of Americans’ opinions, Palin said.

Solutions to immigration and other national problems deserve a “consensus and the rule of law,” she continued, but Obama “doesn’t understand the way it’s supposed to work.”

Meanwhile, Palin contended, “some bad, bad characters” can cross the nation’s borders, “terrorists even … there’s nothing there to sift out the bad guys.”

Obama’s executive action on immigration rewards “lawlessness,” and he is willing to disregard the nation’s laws and allow immigrants to remain in the United States for political reasons, said Palin, who has called on Congress to impeach Obama.

The White House doesn’t like to use the term “illegal immigrants,” but prefers to “call them ‘undocumented Democrats,’” Palin stated, noting that the United States will also face a crisis as more illegal immigrants arrive in greater numbers, overwhelming social services.

“Our border patrolmen and women, they’re telling their bosses and politicians that they can’t manage the crisis already,” she said.

Working-class Americans will also be affected by the greater numbers of immigrants, who will push people out of jobs, Palin said. And the last thing that the working-class needs is more cheaper labor” coming into the country when many have not recovered from the recession.

She also called on Congress to strike back at Obama’s plans, as it has “no obligation” to work with Obama to bring his “agenda to fundamentally transform America.”

For Obama, she said, “democracy is an inconvenience” and “something to be discarded when the votes don’t go his way.”

She also said that Obama is “endangering our nation” by sending “an even louder message to the world that illegal entry will be rewarded and lawlessness in the United States of America will be rewarded.”

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