Release of Illegal Alien Detainees Pits ICE Against American Communities

Release of Illegal Alien Detainees Pits ICE Against American CommunitiesJim Gilchrist, MMP Exclusive — The release of illegal alien detainees by ICE earlier this week, ostensibly done as a budget cutting measure in advance of sequestration, backfired on the Obama administration.

Instead of putting pressure on Republicans to accept tax increases during budget negotiations, the move powerfully demonstrated to a wary public that the Obama administration is not serious about enforcing the law after comprehensive immigration reform, which may include amnesty and a path to citizenship for those here illegally.

ICE contended that the released detainees would have to report in, and that this would be all the precaution needed to keep our communities safe. But illegal immigrants are flight risks: 59% of detainees fail to show up for their immigration court dates and 600,000 ignore ICE letters.

All this comes after DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano recently assured the Nation and testified before Congressional hearings that our southern border with Mexico was more secure than ever.

Evidently, it is DHS and ICE bureaucrats that our communities should be more concerned about. They can no longer be counted on to do the right thing. Their priority seems to be more on showing the public how important and powerful they are — and how easy it is for them to push us around — than on doing the job they were tasked to do.

Sensing the looming PR nightmare caused by the detainee release, the White House denied that President Obama was in the loop about the ICE decision to release criminals.

Then ICE made the decision to discontinue the release of detainees, but with a veiled threat to America…

In response to the onslaught of public outrage, ICE officials stopped releasing illegal alien detainees, but in a clumsy attempt to save face, they put America’s communities on notice that it reserves the option of resuming the releases if the sequester budget cuts occur.

So here we have a federal law enforcement agency promising to unleash upon us a wave of criminal aliens if it doesn’t get more of our money!

Isn’t this the kind of thing kidnappers, drug cartels and terrorists do?