Pro Illegal Alien Cultists, Suppression of Free Speech, and Government’s Use of Good, But Unwitting, Police Departments to Carry Out A Politician’s Agendas

Pro Illegal Alien Cultists, Suppression for Free Speech, and Government’s Use of Good, But Unwitting, Police Departments to Carry Out A Politician’s Agendas….. Minuteman Project’s Founder and President Jim Gilchrist’s two cents:

I have never met an anti-immigration law fanatic that presented him or her self with any rational intellect. For the most, they are knee-jerk reactors with a vision not far beyond their noses.

Also, I have never met an anti rule-of-law fanatic like the “no borders…no laws” loons who would ever condone free speech for anyone but their own cultists.

The anti-free speech purveyors appear to be the conduct du jour at most colleges and universities, with precise examples like Columbia and Harvard leading the persecution. It is common for these campus terrorists to threaten violence, including property destruction and bodily harm, if their whimsical commands for free speech suppression are not obeyed.

Thank God (yes, I said “God”) we have a Second Amendment. It’s reliance is the final recourse and consequence in the unfortunate event that the First Amendment is effectively and permanently stripped from those who may have viewpoints differing from the terrorist mentalities in our society and on our campuses.

However, there is one serious drawback to the reliance on our Second Amendment, if, let’s say, it would ever come to the point where the masses rose up in armed defiance of their government: anyone who attempted to use the Second Amendment would be quickly arrested and imprisoned, or shot dead on the spot, by members of law enforcement who are sworn to preserve order and peace.

Of course, law enforcement agencies are not the problem. They do their jobs very well and very responsibly. The problem is a government that orders them to unwittingly carry out suppressive activities designed to intimidate those who are disenfranchised by their government and who have relegated to a state of hopelessness and despair.

Cops are a very good thing for an orderly society, in my opinion. But only if they are allowed to actually enforce our laws.

I like all of cops I’ve met during my tenure as an activist. My caveat is that they can be unfairly used by sinister persons holding powerful offices in government. More than once the police have ordered lawful and peaceful assemblies to be disbanded in the face of terrorist threats by street thugs from the “no borders…no laws” anarchists. I wish, for once, law enforcement officers, including state’s Attorney Generals, would “just say No!” and prosecute the anti-free speech, pro-riot, “no laws” mental midgets that routinely intimidate Americans out of their rights to free speech.

The time for the prosecution of these anarchist cults is long overdue.