Patriot of the Year – Steven Eichler

Patriot of the Year - Steven EichlerEach year the Minuteman Project chooses a person whose historical contributions to our nation’s heralded stature as a nation of laws is so profound that he or she merits our organization’s designation as “Patriot of The Year.”

It is our sincere honor to announce the Minuteman Project Patriot of the Year for 2013, Mr. Steven Eichler, the C.E.O. of, one of the largest and most influential Tea Party groups in the country.

Mr. Eichler has substantial experience as a political and social activist and was instrumental in helping Jim Gilchrist to build the Minuteman Project into the most influential immigration law enforcement advocacy group of all time. He has also very successfully fended off hostile attempts to discredit the Minuteman Project by selfish propagandists and opportunists like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC).

After a five-year term as chief executive officer to the Minuteman Project, Mr. Eichler moved on to create and build other internet-based activist organizations, most notably,, a political activist group with followers numbering in the millions. The Minuteman Project wishes our trusted friend Steven Eichler well in his endeavors and is proud to name him “Patriot of the Year.” His impressive resume appears below.

America’s Legal Analyst – Holds the title of Legal Analyst, and is a consultant to Attorneys, Judges, Talk Show Hosts and Authors. Recognized for the analysis of the Constitution, Statutory Regulation, Black Letter Law and the review of Public Policy. Heard weekly on nationally syndicated radio shows as “America’s Legal Analyst.”

Founded several very successful companies from 1974 to 1994. Including a General Construction Company, Import/Export Company, Financial Service Firm, facilitated over 250 brokers and agents. Founded and operated a personal consulting firm for business and marketing development. Specializing in the formation, funding and management of non-profit organizations.


  • Liberty University with a Bachelor of Science Degree
  • Graduated from American Schools – Studies in Real Estate, Insurance, Financial Services
  • Trinity Law School with a Juris Doctorate in Law
  • Continued Studies in International Law beyond the Doctorate Degree


  • Author: From Rages To Royalty
  • Author: Last Chance For Liberty
  • Articles published in the Canada Free Press, World Net Daily, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and others
  • Regional Champion for Toastmasters International
  • Lecturer/Political Writer – U.S. Economy, U.S. Constitution, Immigration
  • Heard weekly on several nationally syndicated radio shows


  • Lifetime Minuteman
  • Organized many Minuteman Watches on the U.S./Mexican border
  • C.E.O. – Tea Party, Inc
  • Founded the Command Center, having over 30,000 Conservative bloggers
  • Member in good standing International Bar Association
  • International Bar Association Committees:  Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Mediation