Oregon – The blue canary


Is Oregon a blue canary?

President Obama has threatened executive action on immigration if “Congress won’t act.”

The thing is, Congress DID act on immigration. The House soundly rejected the Senate’s 2013 Pathway to Citizenship bill.  That was an action whether he liked it or not. The Senate bill was rejected because it’s a big ‘ol mess. It would have been tricky to implement and, in addition, it would given an incentive to mass immigration by more illegals.

If the President had been paying attention, he’d have realized that on Election Night the American People voted overwhelmingly for anti-amnesty candidates and against pro-amnesty candidates like Arkansas’ Mark Pryor, North Carolina’s Kay Hagan, and Alaska’s Mark Begich.

The Minuteman Project has heard that Obama is getting ready to give five million illegal immigrants permission to stay in the country by extending DACA immunity (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) to the parents of DREAMers — kids who were brought to this country illegally by their parents. And it’s looking likely that Obama will expand the executive action to apply to the parents of children born in the U.S. to undocumented immigrants.

He thinks that his liberal base will support these actions. But he might want to think about that some more. Let him look to the final vote on a hastily put together state action called Measure 88 — to repeal Senate Bill 83 which granted undocumented immigrants the right to drive in the state – that appeared on the Oregon ballot.

941,042 Oregonians voted to deny driver’s licenses to illegal immigrants, carrying the vote by a factor of 2:1

So in the bluest of blue states, a measure to grant illegals the right to our nationally recognized ID was soundly defeated. This doesn’t sound like applause for Obama’s executive amnesty, it sounds like a blue canary falling off its perch in the coalmine.