One of Obama’s Dreamers Accused of Slaughtering Top Model

A known gang member who apparently received deferred deportation under President Obama’s executive authority stands accused of slaughtering Mirjana Puhar and three others in Charlotte, NC.

Reports indicate Emmanuel Rangel-Hernandez was allowed to stay in the United States when the DHS approved his application for deferred deportation under the President’s Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. His application was approved even though DHS investigators were aware of his gang related activity.

Puhar was known as a contestant on the show “America’s Next Top Model” came to America with her family as a refugee from Serbia when she was five.

Rangel knew Puhar and his other victims

While the first appearance of the teenager was brief, it was also dramatic. The family of Jusmar Isiah Gonzaga-Garcia, 21, one of the men Rangel is accused of killing, filled the third row in District Judge Karen Eudy-Williams’ courtroom.

After the hearing, as Rangel (pronounced RON-hel) was about to be led out a door by deputies, he appeared to turn and face Gonzaga-Garcia’s family a few feet away. His gaze lingered – police say Rangel knew all his victims.

Right now, DHS is being tight-lipped about Rangel’s immigration status. Sen. Charles Grassley (R-IA) has asked DHS to provide all the documentation about Rangel’s case including whether or not he received deferred deportation under Obama’s DACA scheme and whther or not DHS approved his application knowing he was involved in “gang-related” activities.


Of course, all this comes far too late for Mirjana Puhar and her family. They were merely legal immigrants to the United States and assumed they could live away from the violence that wracked their native land. However, it appears that thanks to Obama, a cold-blooded killer was allowed to stay in the U.S. and kill the American dream for at least three people.