Obama Urges Illegals to Renew Illegal Work Permits

The Obama Administration has created a new guidebook called “DACA Renewal tips” which outlines how illegal immigrants can renew their initial two-year illegally granted work permits.

Under the direction of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the guidelines are designed to ensure illegal aliens who got the original two-year permits would renew and not simply ignore this modest requirement.

USCIS is broadcasting “DACA Renewal Tips” out of a concern that some recipients of Obama’s lawless version of the DREAM Act amnesty may not renew their two-year work permits (presumably to avoid paying the fee, since they that there won’t be any enforcement consequences from reverting to illegal status).

So, an illegal alien who brazenly broke American immigration law, is going to be sure to have the correct work permit.  And what would happen to them if they didn’t have the right work papers? Would they be deported?  Not likely.