Obama and Hillary Can but Sheriff Joe Can’t

Sheriff Joe Arpaio is being squeezed by the same federal court’s President Barack Obama and future Democrat Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton routinely ignore.

Sheriff Joe faces a court hearing in April for the grave crime of attempting to enforce immigration law.  He has consistently had officers under his command stop and detain illegal alien lawbreakers despite federal rulings.

Had Obama done his job and actually enforced immigration law, it would not have been necessary for state and local law enforcement officials to enforce federal laws. But since Obama abandoned immigration law enforcement and the illegal alien surge reached epidemic proportions, conscientious local law enforcement officials were left with little choice.

It’s telling that federal courts will spend precious time and energy attacking local law enforcement trying to do their job but spend almost no time going after say Hillary Clinton who has consistently bent rules and ignored protocol to protect her Presidential ambitions.

And President Obama is no better.  His lawyers recently misled a federal judge in a lawsuit against his unconstitutional executive action on amnesty by saying no new work permits had been issued when in fact over 100,000 already had.

Yet not a peep about that miscarriage of justice.  Plenty of time to attack Sheriff Joe for doing his job though.