NYC Doesn’t Care About Court, Will Implement Amnesty

The city of New York is preparing for President Obama’s unconstitutional executive action on amnesty to be upheld by federal court even though the only court ruling so far has resulted in a temporary stay.

“We’re just trying to put the wheels in motion and be ready to really roll, fully, once we get the approval—and we believe that court case is going to be overturned, thrown out, whatever—so the executive order can move forward,” Ms. Mark-Viverto said in an interview yesterday at her City Hall office.

New York taxpayers can expect to foot the bill for the half a million illegals in New York City thanks to Mayor de Blasio and the City Council.

The Council pushed for an additional $2.5 million in Mayor Bill de Blasio’s November plan update to the current fiscal year’s budget to help with the local roll out of the program, Ms. Mark-Viverito said, which will help the city work with existing non-profits and other partners to reach out to the 500,000 undocumented immigrants who call New York City home.

“We went to them and we said, ‘Listen, we should anticipate, because some of the executive order stuff goes into effect before the fiscal year is up. So we can’t wait until the July 1, the new budget, because some of this stuff is gonna be put into motion now, in April, in May,” Ms. Mark-Viverito said.

The Council has also partnered with the New York Immigration Coalition for a series of events dubbed “Key to the City,” which receives $200,000 in council funding and is designed to provide immigration services from foreign consulates to immigrants in the city. Ms. Mark-Viverito said the program—which provides a resource fair for immigrants with information from foreign consulates, legal services and other resources—has now become another way the city can keep undocumented immigrants informed about the execute order.

Glad to see taxpayers footing the bill to keep criminal illegal aliens informed of their ability to be amnesties for their crime.