Not Even 1% of Amnesty-Surge Illegals Deported

Front Page Mag — Obama’s amnesty created a massive border surge of illegal aliens. While he claimed that they would be deported, they are, unsurprisingly, not being deported.

Of the 15,614 families caught crossing the border, but not detained, 4,197 have been ordered removed from the U.S. However, 96 percent of those removal orders were done “in absentia.”

The EOIR [Executive Office of Immigration Review] states an “in absentia” order is done when a person fails to show in immigration court.

Out of the 1,428 families caught crossing the border and detained, 21 have been ordered removed. Forty-three percent of these orders were done “in absentia.”

Of the 13,425 unaccompanied children caught crossing the border between July and October, 1,671 have been ordered removed from the U.S. Ninety-two percent of these orders were done “in absentia.”

Even the illegal border crossers that have deportation orders, since 92 percent of them were released the vast majority never even bothered to show up in court. The relatively low number of in absentia deportations for ‘families’ suggests that they have serious legal representation which means that these deportation orders are likely to end up coming to nothing once the lawyers have pressed hard enough.

So not even 1 percent of the border crossers will be deported. That’s a genuinely broken system and Obama broke it. Helping him break it were Republican amnesty promoters who sent the signal that the GOP was weak on the issue and wouldn’t stand up to Obama.

This is what Obama’s idea of immigration reform looks like and it’s open borders with a vengeance.

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