Next Step: Illegals To Get Obamacare Says Congressman

Amnesty isn’t enough according to Rep. Luis Gutierrez who just introduced legislation to hand free health insurance to millions of illegal aliens.Luis Gutierrez

Speaking on the House Floor, Gutiérrez recalled Pope Francis’ address to Congress, saying the pontiff inspired him and other Members to remember the Golden Rule — “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

“That is why I am introducing the Exchange Inclusion for a Healthy America Act of 2015, a bill to give people complete access to the Affordable Care Act regardless of their immigration status,” Illinois Democrat said.

Gutiérrez’s bill, if passed, would open the Obamacare exchanges to illegal immigrants, subject them to the individual mandate, and make them eligible for the same subsidies Americans are able to access.

Suppose Rep. Gutierrez’s bill passes and millions of illegal aliens are suddenly subject to the same individual mandate as real Americans.  Do you suppose the Obama Administration would spend the time and energy to track them all down and force them to pay up?