Thanks but No Thanks for the Advice Luis Gutierrez

Rabid illegal alien zealot Rep. Luis Gutierrez offered some deadly advice to Republican candidates after Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) introduced a letter committing new Speaker Paul Ryan to stopping all amnesty legislation for the balance of the current Congress. On October 27th, Rep. Brooks read into the Congressional record a letter he sent to Speaker […]

Sanders Endorses Obamacare for Illegals

Leading Democratic Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders endorsed allowing illegal aliens to buy health insurance through Obamacare. The Vermont socialist made the remarks as he addressed the Congressional Hispanic Caucus in a closed door meeting. Aides later said that Sanders believes that in certain cases, undocumented immigrants should be able to purchase health insurance through the […]

Next Step: Illegals To Get Obamacare Says Congressman

Amnesty isn’t enough according to Rep. Luis Gutierrez who just introduced legislation to hand free health insurance to millions of illegal aliens. Speaking on the House Floor, Gutiérrez recalled Pope Francis’ address to Congress, saying the pontiff inspired him and other Members to remember the Golden Rule — “Do unto others as you would have […]

Illegals Now Have Get Out of Jail Free Cards

Rep. Luis Gutierrez unveiled this shocking “Get out of Jail Free” card for illegal aliens currently roaming the streets of the United States. In an infomercial-style video released earlier this week, Gutierrez explains his toolkit’s key feature: a card designed to help illegal immigrants escape deportation. He instructs the potential beneficiaries of Obama’s Deferred Action […]