Mass Graves of Immigrant Bodies Found in US–75 Miles from Border

BREITBART — HOUSTON, Texas–Unidentified illegal immigrants who died on their journey to the United States were buried in a South Texas cemetery located more than 75 miles from the U.S.-Mexico border. The bodies were reportedly buried in mass graves–some were put underground in trash bags, others in no bag at all. Some graves contained bags with only skulls, other bones, or decomposed body parts in them, according to the Caller-Times. The burial site, located in Falfurrias, reportedly contained bodies that had been buried as early as 2005. A pair of anthropologists and volunteer students found the cemetery and unearthed remains of more than 100 people in 2013. The Caller-Times reported, “This summer they performed 52 exhumations, but more than 52 people were buried in those spaces. Because remains were commingled, and not all of the body bags were opened on-site, further study will be needed to determine the number of people recovered.” [Read More]