Marco Rubio Sees the Light on Illegal Immigration

Sen. Marco Rubio, a leading champion of the “Gang of Eight” illegal immigrant amnesty bill a few years ago now has seen the light.

Rubio, speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) said his past support for amnesty was misguided and

The bill’s critics were proven right, Mr. Rubio said, by what he described as President Barack Obama’s failure to enforce border security. He said immigration legislation is still necessary, not to integrate undocumented workers into society, as some say, but to make sure employers can’t hire illegal immigrants. Mr. Rubio also condemned President Obama’s executive order shielding millions of illegal immigrants from deportation as unconstitutional.

Sen. Rubio’s transformation on illegal immigration is a testament to the grassroots efforts of millions of patriotic Americans.  They worked hard, fought the good fight and managed to defeat amnesty in Congress.

Now, as we the destruction Obama’s illegal alien amnesty is wreaking on our country, hopefully more and more Americans will see the light like Sen. Rubio and join us in opposing illegal immigration.