Make this the first action of the 114th Congress

obamaThere is a perfectly simple way to stop the Executive Order regarding illegal immigrants and deportations. Congress can overturn it. It’s been done before. Now is the time to call your Congressman and Senators. You tell them you know that the President’s actions are unconstitutional. i.e. they are not powers enumerated to him under the Constitution. Then tell them Congress has been overturning Executive Orders for over a century. There is plenty of precedent.


Defunding is complicated. Impeachment will take too long. Obama’s plan goes live in the Spring. We must act now. 

This is an immediate fix. And if we can’t do it now because of Harry Reid’s Senate, we can call for it to be done on January 3rd when the Republicans take both houses. It should be the first action of the 114th Congress. Call your Senators and Senators-elect. Call your Representatives and Representatives-elect. DO IT NOW.  DO IT OFTEN.

Read this document — it shows just how straightforward the repeal process can be.