KING: Republican-controlled Georgia is issuing drivers licenses to illegal aliens

DA KinkD. A. King – Macon Telegraph — Call it the “road to Georgiafornia.” Republican-controlled Georgia is issuing driver’s licenses to illegal aliens — with testing in 11 foreign languages.

Si, despite the will of the GOP voting base, the Department of Driver’s Services has been issuing driver’s licenses to some illegal aliens since the summer of 2012.

As a reluctant but longtime denizen of the Gold Dome, this humble writer can well remember the hard-won Republican-led battles of the last decade against encouraging and rewarding illegals with a license to drive. Which makes the current official silence on this dangerous policy more than a little alarming.

This slippery slope process can and should be stopped by the Republican-controlled General Assembly in the current session.

How did it happen? Look to President Barack Obama. After Congress refused to pass the scam laden DREAM Act multiple times over the course of a decade, desperate re-election candidate Obama bypassed Congress in 2012 and unilaterally instituted his own de facto amnesty for illegal aliens who can claim to have been brought here illegally as children.

Make no mistake, this illegal enforcement dodge was done to curry favor with the open borders, identity politics mob… [Read More]