Kansas City Hotel Owner Gets 27 Months for Hiring Illegals

Munir Ahmad Chaudary got 27 months in a federal prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to encourage immigrants to reside unlawfully in the United States charges after a four year investigation.

Chaudary’s wife also pleaded guilty to similar charges and got a 21 month sentence.

Chaudary and his wife ran two hotels in suburban Kansas City where they systematically replaced legal workers with illegals.

Prosecutors say that the couple replaced lawfully employed workers with immigrants not authorized to work in the United States to cut their labor costs by 40 percent. Not only were the illegal workers paid a lower wage, but the owners also did not pay the employer’s share of Social Security. They didn’t pay worker’s compensation, unemployment insurance and other employee benefits, or withhold federal or state income taxes from the workers’ pay.

“The Chaudarys sought to game the system and gain an unfair business advantage over their legitimate competitors by hiring illegal aliens at cut-rate wages,” Gary Hartwig, special agent in charge of Homeland Security Investigations in Chicago, said in a news release.

Looks like a bunch of Kansas City-area legal workers got a harsh lesson in the economics of illegal immigration.  Despite the fact they were willing to do the work, they were still replaced with cheaper illegal immigrants.