Illegals Being Trained to Lie That They’re ‘Fleeing Gang Violence’

TPNN — Congressman Louie Gohmert, in an exclusive and extensive interview with TPNN’s Tim Constantine on The Capitol Hill Show, said that illegals are lying to border authorities about fleeing their native country for the United States because of “gang violence.” Rep. Gohmert said after speaking with border patrolmen, who speak Spanish and can effectively communicate with illegals, when pressed, some have admitted that they were taught the script of saying that they were escaping to the U.S. because of gang violence, but in fact, actually paid gangs money to get them across the border. “The people who are bringing them across are criminals,” Rep. Gohmert, who serves Texas’ 1st congressional district, told Tim. Gohmert tells the story of a border patrolman telling him first hand, while he was visiting the Rio Grande River, that 90% of those caught crossing cite “gang violence.” [Read More]