Illegal Alien Supported by Church Sanctuary Program Has Criminal Past

Breitbart — It has been revealed that an illegal alien being sheltered from immigration authorities by an Oregon church has a criminal record as a drug dealer. A week ago, El Salvador native Francisco Aguirre, 35, was taken in by the Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland, Oregon and shielded from immigration officials in order to stop his deportation. The illegal immigrant, who had already been deported back to El Salvador previously, fled to the church to avoid deportation after a recent arrest for drunk driving. But it has also been discovered that Aguirre has a criminal past as a drug dealer. The illegal pleaded no contest to two counts of selling drugs to an undercover policeman in 1999. He was deported back to El Salvador after his conviction in the year 2000.
Aguirre broke immigrations laws a second time by immediately re-entering the US illegally after his previous deportation. Despite his multiple and ongoing run-ins with the law, church officials claim that Aguirre is a “human rights activist” and is a role model for children. Oregon’s Augustana Lutheran Church has become a part of the growing sanctuary movement of churches shielding illegal aliens from American immigration officials. Several churches in Arizona are also sheltering illegals from authorities. [Read More]