Flights Canceled–for Now–to Move Illegal Aliens from TX to CA

BREITBART — Last-minute cancelations of two flights to southern California, each carrying 140 illegal immigrant children and family members, may only be temporary. As public awareness grew and flight time grew near, U.S. Border Patrol has decided to cancel plans to fly the detainees from overcrowded detention centers in Texas to San Diego and El Centro to be processed. Breitbart News previously reported that the flights of 300 being flown from Texas to California were commencing in an effort to relieve the overwhelmed Border Patrol agents. Agents and resources are stretched to the limit looking after overcrowded detention centers full of illegal aliens, many of them children, from Central America. That has left the border even more vulnerable, less patrolled and susceptible to breaches. Numbers of those arrested for illegally crossing the border in the Rio Grande Valley alone are now at 174,000 since last October. Ralph DeSio, spokesman for the Customs and Border Protection agency, said of the cancelations, “This whole thing is in a very fluid state” and “I’m not sure if the plans will be reactivated but, as we’re speaking here this moment, it has been canceled. Tomorrow is another day,” reported the Associated Press. [Read More]