DREAMers ‘Appalled’ Obama Delayed Deportation Review

BREITBART — Illegal immigrant DREAMers are angry that President Barack Obama asked Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson to delay completion of the administration’s review of U.S. immigration and deportation laws. Among those Obama angered are Dream Action Coalition activists Erika Andiola and Cesar Vargas, who have worked with other pro-amnesty groups to pressure Obama to act unilaterally on immigration. “We are appalled that after so much sacrifice and hard work from the undocumented community to pressure the President to use his power to stop deportations, some organizations … [would] rather protect the administration instead of the millions of families separated by deportations,” Andiola and Vargas said, according to the Los Angeles Times. Johnson indicated last week that the administration may make changes to the Secure Communities program regarding detainers and expand its Deferred Action program to increase temporary amnesty to illegal immigrants. [Read More]