Despite Obama’s Claims, Amnesty Will Give Some Illegal Immigrants Federal Benefits

Breitbart — Obama went to pains to note that his executive order, giving five million illegal immigrants amnesty, would not qualify them for federal benefits. But new reports are casting doubt on Obama’s claims.

Despite claims to the contrary, Obama’s amnesty will likely give millions of illegals access to Medicare, Social Security, and other benefits programs, several sources say.

According to The Washington Post, Obama’s amnesty order will give millions of illegals the status of being “lawfully present” in the USA. This status will require them to pay taxes, but as White House spokesman Shawn Turner notes, “If they pay in, they can draw.”

Supporters of Obama’s amnesty claim that regardless of whether the President’s policy gives illegal aliens some benefits, it won’t give them access to student financial aid, food stamps, housing subsidies, or allow them to join the Obamacare exchanges.

Critics, though, warn that Obama’s amnesty upsets current law to the point where anything goes.

“Congress has never imagined a rogue president pulling rabbits out of a hat to justify a broad, transformational makeover of the country by way of amnesty,” FAIR executive director Julie Kirchner told Breitbart News. “There will always be thousands of loopholes in the law and backdoor methods to achieve a desired agenda, but ultimately the intent of Congress is preeminent. It may be that the courts will have to review that”

Others fear that once this one door is open, Democrats will continue to agitate until the 5 million illegal immigrants, who are covered by Obama’s amnesty, will get as many benefits as legal citizens.

Then there are the costs associated with amnesty.

A report by the Heritage Foundation notes that the amnesty plans could cost the nation as much as $2.6 trillion and would cause a fiscal deficit of some $6.3 trillion in the long run.

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