Deprived of the American Dream

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, Minuteman ProjectJim Gilchrist – MMP Exclusive – The post below by VaMom4, originally published in the Washington Post in response to a news story about DMV fraud in Virginia, perfectly expresses the frustration of our nation’s taxpaying families and their combat wounded children who have been deprived of what otherwise would have been a prospering American Dream.

The United States is the destination of choice for uncounted millions of illegal aliens from around the world, predominantly from Mexico, Central America, and parts of Asia. We are mistakenly viewed by misinformed impoverished foreigners as a land with a bottomless cornucopia of welfare benefit plans that will provide a perpetual funding for whatever anyone wants.

However, as fewer Americans are able to become part of the American Dream and prosper, more oppressive taxation against the dwindling middle and upper classes will be necessary to continue funding this nation’s devouring charade. More borrowing from foreign banks will be needed… and more national debt will be incurred. The current $17 trillion national debt could easily become $50 trillion or more, in only two decades hence.

As the American people become excluded from that enviable American Dream over the coming decades, and as more Americans become part of the rapidly growing impoverished classes of American society, the threat of civil unrest could manifest itself into some very violent encounters between the impoverished citizenry and the government that neglected them.

The majority of our nation’s political governors at both the federal and state levels, from Mayors, Congresspersons, Senators, state Governors, and all of their appointed bureaucrats, have recklessly encouraged an out-of-control neglect of U.S. immigration law enforcement in return for the hope of luring tens of millions of “amnestied” voting citizens to “their” political party. Their actions represent perhaps the most convoluted, repulsive, and counter-productive interpretation of the Constitution of the United States of America in its 224-year history.



I am the adoptive mother of two Latino children, both of whom were born in South America. In order to bring my children to the U.S., I had to prove that they were eligible to immigrate here (HIV-negative blood test results, TB-negative test results, proof that they had not been kidnapped, that no coercion of their birth mothers took place, etc.) Both of my children were issued “Green” Cards which stated that they were “Resident Aliens” (fodder for Martian jokes in our family). Each became a U.S. Citizen through several years of processing, fees, interviews, mountains of documents, all Certified, Validated, Notarized, Authenticated and signed in blood.

My son, a 20% disabled United States Marine who served two combat tours in Iraq, is waiting tables at a chain restaurant now. He had to compete for the job with dozens of applicants. Some of whom are here illegally.

My daughter, a college student, did not receive any scholarships, grants, or goodies as a Latina immigrant. Because she is LEGAL.

And these scumbags who cheated and lied and tricked us into issuing phony Driver’s Licenses will get a slap on the wrist, as the holders of those licenses go on to vote for Democrats who promise them free stuff.

Is there a single Liberal in this country who cares about this injustice?