Cruz: I’ll Get Trump To Build The Wall

Republican presidential contender Ted Cruz would enlist the services of current GOP frontrunner Donald Trump to build a border fence with Mexico should he prevail in the 2016 Presidential contest.trumpcruz2016_360

“Would a President Cruz build a wall along the entire Southern border and if you were President, would you appoint Donald Trump to build that wall?” asked Kuhner. “Absolutely yes on both fronts,” responded Cruz.

Cruz also promoted his own immigration plans:

Segueing to domestic issues, said Cruz, “we need a President who stands with the working men and women, whether it is against amnesty; whether it is for sovereignty; whether it is against Obama Trade – and that is exactly where I am.”

Cruz also cited his 11 page immigration plan (available here). Calling it a “serious plan,” he pointed out that, in part, it calls for building a wall, tripling border security, ending sanctuary cities, ending Welfare for people here illegally, ending catch and release, and finally, “we will deport criminal illegal aliens.”


The entire interview can be heard here: