Crackdown on Illegal Immigration Announced . . . In England

Newly-reelected English Prime Minister David Cameron announced a series of measures to combat a surge of illegal immigration currently plaguing the island nation.

Mr. Cameron is not following U.S. President Barack Obama’s plan of offering amnesty and work permits along with generous benefits to millions of illegal aliens.


The Prime Minister will vow to make the UK a “less attractive place to come and work” by using next week’s Queen’s Speech to announce a series of laws to “root out illegal immigrants and bolster deportations”.

Mr Cameron will also unveil plans to make it a criminal offence for businesses to recruit abroad without advertising in the UK first.

He will give councils powers to evict migrants and force all banks to check bank accounts against databases of people who could be in the country illegally.

Cameron has also announced a few much more daring initiatives to dissuade further illegal immigration.


As well as the new criminal offence of “illegal working” allowing the authorities to seize wages, Mr Cameron will also extend the “deport first, appeal later” scheme to all immigrants thought to be in the UK illegally.


Currently it applies only to foreign criminals. It will mean that thousands of illegal migrants could now be deported and forced to appeal in their country of origin.

So instead of the United States’ current policy of catching border jumpers and then turning them loose hoping they show up for a deportation hearing, illegals in England will be deported immediately and asked to appeal from their own home country.


The Prime Minister will announce satellite tracking tags for foreign criminals awaiting deportation “so we always know exactly where they are”.

Mr Cameron will say that “dealing with those who shouldn’t be here… starts with making Britain a less attractive place to come and work illegally”.

“The truth is it has been too easy to work illegally and employ illegal workers here,” the Prime Minister will say.

“So we’ll take a radical step – we’ll make illegal working a criminal offence in its own right.

Cameron has touchy negotiations with the European Union to conclude before this illegal immigration plan can be implemented.

It will be an interesting experiment if Cameron can enact his plan to see if making it hard to illegally immigrate to a country actually reduces the amount of illegal immigration.