Corsi: Tea Party Demands Impeachment if Immigration Laws Are Not Enforced

TEAPARTY — Here it comes all over again. Amnesty. Believe it or not, the Obama administration plans to make a final push for amnesty under the guise of passing “comprehensive immigration reform.” Let’s not be fooled by yet more lying Barack Obama rhetoric. What this is all about for the Democrats is gaining votes by fueling Obama’s massive and growing federal social welfare system. Unfortunately, Tea Party Loyalists and the U.S. Constitution are the big losers as the Democrats invite illegal immigrants to dilute the votes of U.S. citizens while demanding we pay the bill as taxpayers who still have jobs. Look at the cold, hard statistics. Democratic Party election strategists expect 75 percent of Hispanics to vote Democratic. So, simple mathematics pushes political operatives like Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to open the borders as wide as possible in hopes amnesty will become a fait accompli and all immigrants, illegal as well as legal, will be given full voting rights in the United States. [Read More]