Commentary from Jim Gilchrist defending free speech for Santa Barbara, Ca. newspaper

California Newspaper Stands Its Ground On Free Speech — a commentary by Jim Gilchrist
Dear Americans and free speech proponents,

The Santa Barbara News-Press will set a long overdue precedent of defying politically correct speech, which in itself is “censorship.”

For decades the U.S. media has cowered to intimidation from sinister reactionaries who would have all of us goose-stepping at their whim.

Yes, America, fascism does come from the extremist elements of either side of an argument, especially from the anti-free speech Left.

Anyone who is in favor of free speech, freedom of thought, and freedom to assemble, please converge on the Santa Barbara News-Press to provide a 24/7 watch over its property and personnel to defend them from physical attack by the fascist Left fanatics.

Inform the Santa Barbara Police Department of who you are so the police do not mistake you for vandals. Whatever you do, stay within the rule of law and cooperate with the Santa Barbara P.D.
Meanwhile, continue referring to illegal aliens as what they are: illegal aliens. Do not compromise your freedom of speech, like many news outlets have done. That conduct only sets the foundation for social engineers to further suppress your freedom to think, speak, or assemble in public. You could not get more anti-American than that.

Jim Gilchrist, President, The Minuteman Project