Central American children massing again at U.S. Mexico border

Dear Americans,

I have been recently informed by a high-ranking member of the Bureau of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) that foreign nationals from Central America are once again assembling along the U.S. – Mexico border as they prepare for a mass exodus into the United States during the summer months.

The information, provided by a federal law enforcement source who wants to remain anonymous, indicates that several thousands of Central American children have already gathered at the Mexican border.
Because current U.S. laws allow any minor, other than those from Canada or Mexico, to enter the United States without threat of immediate deportation, an unlimited amount of minor children from all other countries are allowed to remain in the United States until they are given their day in immigration court to plead why they should not be deported.
Over 90% of those children never show up for their court hearing, and law enforcement seldom, if ever, issues warrants for their eventual deportation back to their homelands.  These minors are distributed to households, religious orders, or other organizations who provide taxpayer-funded welfare support programs for the children while they purportedly wait for their court hearing, to which most never appear.
The exact number of foreign minors who intend to cross into the United States from Mexico over the next few months is unknown, however, estimates are about 100,000 children.
The laws allowing an unlimited number of minor children to migrate into the United States is not an accident.  It is by the deliberate design of the U. S. House of Representatives and the U. S. Senate…predominantly members of the Democrat Party who see illegal aliens as a prospective pool of millions of future voters who will keep that party in power perhaps throughout the entire 21st century.
Our federal system of governance has become so corrupted by the selfish opportunism of pandering political parties that few of us feel that Washington truly represents us…the people who pay our nation’s taxes, who fight our nation’s wars, who obey our nation’s laws.
Our nation’s only hope of stopping and reversing this blatant usurpation of our Constitution and the dilution of American heritage, culture, language, and borders is to give your voting and financial support to political candidates with the bravado and the intellect to lead our country back to its heralded stature as “a nation of laws.”  Anything less than that cheapens and degenerates such priceless governing principles into “a nation of mob rule and political tyranny.”  And that is something our nation’s Founding Fathers never envisioned, nor something almost one million American troops ever intended to die for in our nation’s wars.

Jim Gilchrist, Founder and President, Jim Gilchrist’s Minuteman Project, Inc. [ dba The Minuteman Project ]
    – A multi-ethnic immigration law enforcement advocacy group.   
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