BREAKING: Obama Whines to Higher Court

Unsuccessful in their campaign to browbeat Judge Andrew Hanen into removing his stay against the unconstitutional amnesty executive order, lawyers from Obama’s Justice Department have just filed a motion in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to remove Judge Hanen’s order.

Obama’s legal cronies are demanding a ruling by the 26th of March so they can resume handing out work permits and Social Security numbers to millions of illegal immigrants.

Here’s a taste of the outrageous “legal” arguments made by the Obama crew:

The Federal Government seeks an immediate stay pending appeal of a nationwide preliminary injunction against the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The Secretary of Homeland Security (Secretary) seeks to effectively prioritize the removal of aliens who have recently crossed the border, committed crimes, or threaten public safety and national security by, inter alia, establishing guidelines for considering requests for temporarily deferring removal of other aliens who pose no such threats and have longstanding and close family ties to the United States. The preliminary injunction restrains the exercise of that prosecutorial discretion, a quintessentially executive function that is traditionally unreviewable. In so doing, it undermines the Secretary’s authority to enforce the Nation’s immigration laws by disrupting the Secretary’s comprehensive effort to effectively allocate limited enforcement resources.

You are reading that correctly. Obama claims he’s actually protecting us from evil illegal immigrants by granting amnesty to almost all of them.

In addition, he claims his powers of “prosecutorial discretion” are “unreviewable” or in other words Obama’s word is above the law.

Finally, he claims this is all necessary because he simply must “effectively allocate limited enforcement resources.”

Here’s hoping the 5th Circuit sees through this legal mumbo-jumbo.