Judge BANS Fast and Furious Scandal at Trial of Murdered Border Patrol Agent

The judge presiding over the trial of two men accused of killing U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry has banned any mention during the trial about where the accused murderers got the weapons they used to kill Agent Terry. Late last week Federal Judge U.S. District Court Judge David Bury, who is residing over the […]

Millions of Illegal Aliens Are Already Registered Voters

Poll Shows Noncitizens Can Shape Elections A poll by John McLaughlin confirms again we may have a significant problem with noncitizens participating illegally in our elections. Based on a sample survey of 800 Hispanics in 2013, McLaughlin found that of foreign-born respondents who were registered voters, 13 percent admitted they were not United States citizens. […]

Fed Judge Asks: Can I Trust What the President Says?

During a hearing on his temporary stay of President Obama’s unconstitutional executive action granting amnesty to millions of illegal aliens, Judge Andrew Hanen pointedly asked “Can I trust what the president says? That’s a yes or no question,” U.S. District Court Judge Andrew Hanen asked Deputy Asst. U.S. Atty. Gen. Kathleen R. Hartnett. “Yes your honor,” Hartnett […]

BREAKING: Obama Whines to Higher Court

Unsuccessful in their campaign to browbeat Judge Andrew Hanen into removing his stay against the unconstitutional amnesty executive order, lawyers from Obama’s Justice Department have just filed a motion in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to remove Judge Hanen’s order. Obama’s legal cronies are demanding a ruling by the 26th of March so they […]