Border Experiences from Ground Level Contradict DHS Secretary

Border Experiences from Ground Level Contradict DHS SecretaryWashington Times – Homeland Security Secretary Janet A. Napolitano needs to explain how she’s going to remove the drug scouts from Arizona’s mountaintops. It’s a serious question for those of us who live in Arizona.

Their job is to guide drugs around law enforcement. A load bound for Phoenix, 150 miles north of the line, might require 100 scouts to guarantee safe arrival. When it passes out of sight for the first scout, the next one radios ahead and so forth, keeping law enforcement under surveillance the entire way. These men often carry rifles and live in rock forts for weeks at a stretch.

With regularity, smugglers mule loads across our state, trekking those 150 miles to the Phoenix Valley undetected. These cartel scouts are one reason why America’s streets are flooded with drugs. [Read More]