Big Bully NBC Underestimated the Public; Trump’s Popularity Sky Rockets


Message from Jim Gilchrist

According to the media thugs at NBC, Mr. Trump may have “angered Hispanics and civil rights groups” with his candid comments about the reckless disregard for U.S. immigration law promoted by equally reckless politicians and their anti rule-of-law minions.

However, NBC avoided mentioning how elated an overwhelming majority of real Americans and immigration and law enforcement advocates were to hear a presidential candidate actually make a serious issue about a national dilemma that the Democrats and many Republicans have cowardly ignored, and selfishly encouraged, over the past four decades.

I think Donald Trump would be the long overdue catalyst for change our nation’s political representation seriously needs if we are to remain a civilized society and a global economic power.

How about Donald Trump as president and Carly Fiorina as vice president? Just wondering.  How about some feed back?

That combo seems like a unique powerhouse…a powerhouse that would lead our nation back to the kind of nation we used to be proud of…that some of us even volunteered to fight for in combat…that most of us felt we were a part of…a nation that was once unified.

Jim Gilchrist, President, The Minuteman Project