Arrogant Obama Tells Illegals “Gather Your Papers”

Can you believe the nerve of this guy?

Since President Obama doesn’t care about the law, it should come as no surprise that he basically laughs at the federal judge who did his job and found Obama’s illegal executive action on amnesty illegal.

But of course Obama won’t let a little thing like the law stop him from declaring millions of illegal alien lawbreakers no longer subject to the the law.

“People should be gathering up their papers, make sure you can show you are a long standing resident of the United States,” Obama said Wednesday evening at a town hall meeting hosted by the Spanish-language TV network Telemundo. He said immigrants should make sure that by the time the legal issues are sorted out, “you are ready to go.”

Basically, Obama’s handing out engraved invitations to everyone, Islamic militants, criminals anyone who can cross the border and you will be handed the golden ticket of American citizenship.