Anti-Illegal-Immigration Activists Go To Washington

Anti-Illegal-Immigration Activists Go To WashingtonJim Gilchrist – MMP Exclusive – It’s not just big corporations and pro-amnesty organizations who are in Washington to lobby for immigration reform. There is a grass-roots lobbying event called Hold Their Feet to the Fire organized by the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR). The annual event includes broadcasts and blogging by talk-radio hosts and alternative media.

About 50 talk radio hosts and bloggers will come to Washington from around the country to focus their programs exclusively on the immigration bill to ensure the American public knows what is in the bill and how it affects them. Listeners and readers are encouraged to call their representatives to oppose it. This year’s event will occur on April 17 and 18 at the Phoenix Park Hotel.

Talk radio and Hold Their Feet to the Fire were instrumental in defeating similar legislation in 2007.

According to FAIR, this year’s event will feature immigration experts and guests who will be speaking with the radio hosts and digital media, including:

  • Leading congressional members who oppose an illegal alien amnesty.
  • Legislative experts who will provide detailed analysis of the Gang of Eight legislation.
  • Policy experts who will provide information about the impact of the Gang of Eight legislation on American workers and taxpayers.
  • Sheriffs from around the country who openly dispute claims that America’s borders are secure.
  • ICE personnel who will discuss how the Obama administration is systematically undermining immigration law enforcement at the border and in the interior of the country.
  • Border ranchers testifying how they are losing their land and fear for their personal safety as illegal alien crossings continue and drug cartel activity increases.

“The American people are about to find out that there is nothing in this legislation for them, except worthless promises of enhanced enforcement in the future, more taxpayer cost, and more competition for scarce jobs,” noted Dan Stein, president of FAIR.

There are also plenty of groups and individuals who intend to make their voices heard in the halls of Congress. Among them are Raymond Herrera, president of the anti-illegal-immigration We The People, California’s Crusader and Robin Hvidston, the group’s executive director, who plan to meet with representatives of several Inland members of Congress. [Here’s their story…]