America’s Poor and Minorities are Victims of Illegal Immigration

TPNN — AUDIO: Illegal immigration is not a victimless crime; it robs our poor, our minorities, and our most vulnerable of opportunity. With about 12-million already here, and over 100-thousand rushing across the border currently, illegal immigrants young and old are typically poorly-educated and looking for jobs available to unskilled workers. These are the starter jobs that are needed by America’s poor, minorities and vulnerable who also need low-skill starter jobs. The black unemployment rate is about double the overall unemployment rate. For young black people it’s even higher. They are hurt worse than most others by the flood of illegal immigration. It’s made even worse when those who break the law to be here are rewarded with housing, health care, food, education, legal aid and more at the expense of American taxpayers. And when millions of Americans wish they had a job, they don’t need illegal competition that makes it harder to get that job. [Read More]