A Letter to Jim from an angry patriot

Dear Mr. Gilchrist:
I will take a moment to defend my First Amendment Rights and tell the unbiased truth about illegal immigration.
First off every other western nation, especially Britain is tightening their laws to prevent Human Trafficking, especially by Muslims and North Africans (this is fact and not my opinion).  Secondly, equality means equal treatment of all persons under the same law, and if I as a legal American citizen obtained a 3D printer and produced counterfeit money or credit cards to support my children then I would face 15 years if caught, so why are illegal criminals treated better than legal American citizens (this is unfair and ILLEGAL)?  Also, according to the United Nations Human Rights Declaration, “It is terrorism to forcibly remove native people from their land,” this applies whether done by force or by fraudulent legal proceedings.
Believe me if you go to Santa Cruz County CA you will see first hand how American soldiers and war veterans die on the streets, as illegal criminals break the law and then scream, “Human rights violation,” after they are caught in a criminal act.  Not to mention the drug trafficking and human trafficking perpetrated by corrupt officials who are paid to “look the other way” as Sereno Cartels flood San Jose and San Francisco with methamphetamine produced in Mexican super labs.  So yes, I will speak the truth when I say, “75% of crime and 100% of narcotics trafficking (not to mention the incalculable social costs and petty crimes along with gang activity in CA) is committed by Soreno gangs and Illegal immigrants.
The Santa Cruz, San Mateo, and San Francisco County Sheriff’s departments are all corrupted by “cartel moles that aid and abet in the smuggling of narcotics and illegal aliens (most of whom are working directly with cartels).  If it weren’t enough that legal American citizens are victimized by cartel crime; then you should also see how Americans (especially Teutonic ones like myself) are rendered defenseless against these terrorists who attack innocent citizens.  I was walking along the beach when approached by an Asian man who demanded that I use his iPhone to take a picture of his family, and I declined, saying that “I didn’t have time to stop because I was in a hurry.”
This illegal criminal became enraged and began to scream, “F*ck you, you shouldn’t be here.”  Now a criminal is threatening me because I said I was in too big of a hurry to take his picture and if he would have become physically violent I would have either had to be victimized by an assault or charged with a “hate crime” if I defended his attacks; how is any of this right?
Documents fraud, tax evasion, identity theft are all crimes that would land a legal American citizen in prison, so why are criminals screaming human rights violations when they are caught?  This is a human rights violation against the American people who are subjected to crime brought by Illegal Immigration (notice I emphasized Illegal Immigration and not Legal).  Furthermore, I was in class at Cabrillo College in Aptos, CA and a brain-damaged woman named [identity deleted] made a racist and ethnic slur towards me asking, “Are you German because my Dad is German?”  Trying to accuse me of being anti-American because of my ethnic heritage (when I am also half Scotch-Irish).
Racism and crime work both ways and criminals will continue to abuse America until we enforce our laws equally upon all citizens.