Will GOP Leadership Back Down Over Amnesty Funding?

Whispers from Capitol Hill aren’t very encouraging for those of us opposed to President Obama’s unconstitutional amnesty “executive action.”

According to multiple reports, House Speaker John Boehner is preparing to essentially cave in to Obama’s edict by offering to fund the illegal order through March of 2015. In order to prevent a government shutdown, Congress must authorize spending by mid-December. Reports say Boehner’s plan is to temporarily fund every other part of the government for one year and leave the Department of Homeland Security’s pass only until March.

In addition, Boehner plans to hold a largely symbolic vote expressing the sense of Congress about Obama’s lawless action

“The plan, as of Tuesday, is a two-step approach. The House would vote later this week for a largely symbolic measure disapproving Obama’s executive actions to suspend deportations for millions of immigrants here illegally. The bill would try to block those actions, but would certainly face a presidential veto, if it made it past the Senate.

The House would then vote next week on a must-pass spending bill, with a twist.

The plan would fund most elements of the government for the remainder of the current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, 2015. But, under one proposal, it would only fund immigration-related activities until early next year — setting up a new fight over immigration in early 2015, when Republicans control both the House and Senate. “

It appears that when it suited them, members of Congress were gung ho to block Obama’s misguided amnesty. Now, when they may have to make a stand and take some political heat, they are twisting and turning to avoid having to face down the lawless President .

“Leadership’s attempt to sugar-coat their failure to address Obama’s amnesty in the CROmnibus, is a toothless, stand-alone bill that will never force the issue, and they know it,” Horowitz said. “Any bill that does not condition the funding for the immigration agencies to a rider defunding Obama’s amnesty is a joke.”

Horowitz added that Boehner’s buddies including House Appropriations Committee chairman Rep. Hal Rogers (R-KY) have misrepresented this issue to conservatives throughout this process, so no Republican House members should trust him now. Rogers specifically attempted to tell Republicans in Congress—and the American people—that Congress can’t block funding for Obama’s executive amnesty using the appropriations process, something the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service (CRS) thoroughly refuted last week. “