Walker “Changes” Stance On Illegals

Newly-minted GOP Presidential frontrunner Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin has changed his mind on amnesty.

“My view has changed,” Walker said in a “Fox News Sunday” interview taped Friday. “I’m flat out saying it.”

Walker in 2013 said a plan in which illegal immigrants can become United States citizens by first paying penalties and enduring a waiting period “makes sense.”

However, he is now saying such a plan is tantamount to amnesty, amid criticism that he has flip-flopped on that issue and others — including right-to-work legislation in his home state.

“I don’t believe in amnesty,” said Walker, who finished second Saturday in the Conservative Political Action Conference’s straw poll for potential 2016 Republican presidential candidates. “We need to secure the border. We ultimately need to put in place a system that works — a legal immigration system that works.”

Normally, when GOP candidates for President rise from the hinterlands, the Establishment’s first goal is to “evolve” their views on amnesty for illegals. Scott Walker’s declaration shows the big money donors who are trying to push amnesty have nothing on the majority grassroots support for border security and enforcement.