Walker Bashes Boehner’s Amnesty Sellout

Amnesty is heating up as a potential wedge issue in the 2016 GOP Presidential primary.  One of the leading contenders, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker recently “changed his views” on amnesty and now he’s taking aim at Congressional leaders who recently caved in to Obama’s executive action handing out amnesty.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, a frontrunner in many 2016 GOP presidential polls in recent weeks, has come out swinging against the deal House Speaker John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell just cut with congressional Democrats to fund President Obama’s executive amnesty.

The basis of his opposition to the deal is twofold.

First, he doesn’t agree with the way it surrenders Congress’ power of the purse to Obama through at least the end of September, the current fiscal year.

Second, Walker is furious that Democrats who publicly stated many times they opposed the president’s actions didn’t follow through and vote their stated positions.

Also, Walker—whose state of Wisconsin is part of the Texas-led 26-state lawsuit against the president’s actions—says that in addition to states fighting this in court, the Congress needs to do its job to stop Obama, a job that Congress has thus far failed at. Federal judge Andrew S. Hanen has put Obama’s executive amnesty on hold until appeals are completed in the court system–something the administration has reluctantly agreed to comply with.

“The Governor was one of the first to join the lawsuit that has been successful, at least on this initial technicality,” Walker spokeswoman Kirsten Kukowski tells Breitbart News. “He hopes to prevail through the courts but he believes that the Congress needs to preserve the power of the purse to fight this overreach by the President. Democrats have questioned the president’s overreach in the past but didn’t hold him accountable when given the opportunity.”