Video: Minneapolis Muslims support bringing Sharia law to the U.S.

sharia lawTens of thousands of Somalian Muslims have immigrated from their war-torn country to Minnesota, where they enjoy some of America’s most generous welfare and charity programs. As such, there’s a significant Somali community in Minneapolis, the overwhelming majority of which is Muslim.

Exiled and angry, this community is an easy target for Islamic State recruiters; indeed, in April six young members of Minneapolis’s Somali community were arrested for plotting to join ISIS. Curious about the trend, filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to investigate — and what he found is disturbing.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but the Muslims of Minneapolis would rather live under the oppression of Sharia law than enjoy the freedoms of the Constitution. From Jihad Watch:

Note the unanimous opposition to the freedom of speech and support for criminalizing criticism of Islam — and even for murdering those who insult Muhammad (note the casual references to how my colleague Pamela Geller, not mentioned by name but the reference is unmistakable, should be killed). All freely and openly expressed on a sunny day in Minneapolis.

Maybe ISIS doesn’t have to do too much to gain followers from Minnesota. Hear more in the video below: