[Video] Children used in JADE HELM round-up drills

Jade Helm LogoAs you know, Operation Jade Helm 15 is still a few weeks away, but video of an ongoing 7-week “assault support tactics” exercise in Yuma, Arizona shows what residents of the eight southwestern states subject to Jade Helm might be in for. As we know Obama’s Martial Law Executive Order empowered him to declare Martial Law at any time. He recently instructed FEMA — again by Executive Order —  to establish “quarantine camps” which are away from the public and yet have no medical facilities, doctors or nurses allocated to them. There is a bid request out from the federal government for FEMA buses to transport Americans to these camps– hundreds of them. Then came Jade Helm 15. This is the final piece in his plan. He is teaching Americans to subdue Americans. Not just the military, Jade Helm relies on civilians turning on other civilians. It’s an outrageous assault on our liberty.

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In the video, innocent, impressionable children are visibly used in the exercise. Watch it below: