Unemployed Flock to Job Fairs While Lawmakers Continue to Argue “Labor Shortage”

Jobless MenNumbersUSA — Lawmakers on both sides of the aisle frequently tout the “labor shortage” line when pushing for comprehensive immigration reform. Some of these same lawmakers actually hold job fairs, knowing well that their state or district has unemployment problems. While others may not hold their own job fairs, they continue to say that “jobs” is their number one priority in Congress. Why then, are these politicians focused on making the unemployment and wage depression problems even worse in this county by passing amnesty and further increasing the flow of foreign workers into our labor market?

There is a huge disconnect between the Washington talking heads and real America. Americans know there is no wide spread “labor shortage” in any industry. Rather, they see and feel an economic environment that is brutal to minorities, young people, and less educated workers.

The unemployment number for Americans with only a high school diploma for the first quarter of 2013 was 10.3%. If you broaden this rate to include those forced to work part time and those who would like to work but have not looked recently, the figure jumps to 18.4%…

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