Top Obama Aide: ‘We’re in for a S**t Storm if we Lose the Senate’

Breitbart — A top Obama aide says if pollsters’ projections of a GOP Senate takeover hold up on Election Day Tuesday, President Barack Obama and his administration are in for a world of hurt. “We know we’re in for a s**t storm if we lose the Senate. You have to gird yourself mentally ’cause you are going to come out on the other end,” a “top Obama aide”told Politico Magazine. The aide added, “But, you hit bottom, and then you have the Obama comeback story.” Politico says such a comeback, however, is unlikely. Senior Politico writer Glenn Thrush and White House Politico reporter Carrie Budoff Brown write:

It’s hard to see that comeback just now, what with Obama’s slow-footed responses to an array of crises and forehead-slapping lapses like his decision to play 18 holes of golf after issuing a statement condemning the American journalist James Foley’s decapitation by Islamic State militants in August.

Indeed, a new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll finds that even 47% of Democrats say Obama must change his lackluster leadership style.

Voters head to the polls Tuesday.
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