Texas DPS Begins Surge Near Falfurrias to Battle Drugs and Human Smuggling

Breitbart — Troopers from the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) are beginning a law enforcement surge operation around Falfurrias in Brooks County. The operation is being executed to deter human smuggling and drug trafficking along the two major highways leading to the Border Patrol’s Falfurrias Checkpoint. Troopers were seen in much larger than normal numbers working the highways around Brooks County last week. A trooper recently told this writer a surge operation was about to begin in Brooks County to try and deter the human smugglers from dropping off their cargo. It is not known at this time, how many troopers will be involved in this surge, nor how long the surge operation will continue. Officials of the DPS were unable to confirm any of this information at this time. The additional troopers are a great relief to local law enforcement officials. Because of costs associated with burying the dead bodies found in Brooks County, the sheriff’s office has been forced to reduce its staff to only one about deputy per shift. They must provide law enforcement services to residents living in nearly 1,000 square miles of mostly open ranch-land. [Read More]