Illegal Alien Jailed for Defrauding Other Illegal Aliens

An illegal alien and an accomplice, who operated a Mexican restaurant in La Vernia, TX, were sentenced by a federal judge for selling fake immigration documents to other illegal aliens.   Chief US District Judge Fred Biery sentenced Yolanda Hernandez de Arteaga, 49, and Maria de Lourdes Montano-Vicencio, 57 to federal prison for scheming “individuals […]

Illegal Scams $10.8 Million From Feds

Honduran illegal alien Amado Valdez-Morales headed a scheme involving at least four businesses which scammed $10.8 million in tax credits from the U.S. Treasury over a two year period. Amazingly, Valdez was deported six months into this plot but found his way back into the U.S. to continue tapping American taxpayers. One of Valdez’s co-conspirators, a Guatemalean, […]

Immigration Scam Busted in LA Schools

Federal officials have arrested the operators of four Los Angeles area trade schools after thousands of foreign nationals were found to be fraudulently enrolled. In a so-called “pay-to-play” scheme, the foreign nationals paid tuition to the schools who faked transcripts and other records so the foreign national could extend their student visas. The key to […]