State Beauty Queen Describes Frustration in Apprehending Illegal Alien Attacker

State Beauty Queen Describes Frustration in Apprehending Illegal Alien Attacker
Jim Gilchrist – MMP Exclusive

[Identity not revealed to protect victim]

Dear Mr. Gilchrist, I am a single woman living in Florida. This area of the country is absolutely overrun with illegal immigrants. Consequently, it has caused the crime rate around here to skyrocket and made this a very dangerous place to live.

Our streets are teeming with Hispanic thugs and drug dealers. They are bringing thousands of pounds of cocaine into our towns and infecting the population with that poison. I can’t go jogging down my neighborhood streets without disgusting Mexican men making lewd gestures and comments towards me. I worked as a waitress when I first moved here and the Mexicans were by far my biggest problem customers. These men would always reach out and molest the female employees [and patrons] by grabbing at us as we passed by them while trying to do our job. They have an extremely chauvinistic culture in which they are taught that it is OK to treat women like sex objects you can grope whenever you feel like it. Disgusting!

Just recently a young Mexican man was charged with attempted murder after he pulled his SUV up beside a 14-year-old girl. He harassed the girl and asked her if she would have sex with him for $200. When the child refused he got out of the car, grabbed her and threw her into his vehicle. He then strangled her until she became unconscious, threw her out of the vehicle, and then RAN HER OVER several times.

Witnesses say he backed his SUV into reverse two or three times in order to run over the girl’s body again and again. Miraculously, the child is alive but in very bad condition. Have you ever heard of such vicious, savage behavior in all of your life? Well that is exactly what we Floridians are dealing with on a daily basis now that we are absolutely overrun with these illegal thugs from Mexico and Central America.

A month ago, while jogging, I was brutally attacked by a Mexican gang-banger, who I believe is here illegally. It happened right behind my own apartment building. I was wearing music headphones and did not hear someone running up behind me until it was too late.

By the time I heard the footsteps behind me, a pair of hands and arms grabbed me by the back of my hair and wrapped around my neck and shoulders and threw me to the ground. I was punched and kicked multiple times in the face and head. I was caught off guard and unable to defend myself. And since I had procrastinated to get a weapon to legally carry around, I was completely unarmed and unprepared as well.

Below are photos of me before and after the attack.

Editor’s note: The photos were deleted to protect the identity of the victim, who, prior to the attack is a strikingly attractive former Miss [name of state deleted] State Beauty Queen. Photos after the attack (hospital photo) show a brutally beaten woman with lacerations and swollen bruises all over her face and scalp, including a gash across one nostril that almost severed her nose. Her appearance is horrific. She was thrown to the ground and then boot-kicked and stomped by the assailant.


I called 911 immediately after the attack and met with police officers. I was able to identify the attacker and I confirmed it after viewing photos that the police printed out from their records. Naturally I pressed charges, but so far the police have not arrested this animal. They have been unable to locate him and they told me that because this is a misdemeanor crime they would not spend more than a day or two searching for my attacker [indicating they had bigger crimes to pursue]. This really angered me. Just because my case didn’t involve a murder or drugs doesn’t mean it’s not important, especially to me. I was laid up in bed recovering from my injuries for a full week. I was unable to work and lost my wages. Consequently, I am behind in my bills and now struggling to catch up. I also now have a $1,100 hospital bill and currently without health insurance.

I am also suffering from some Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after this attack. It took me a week before I was brave enough to set foot outside of my apartment. And now whenever I am out in public I am constantly looking over my shoulder. I am scared.

Meanwhile, this animal is freely walking around somewhere and getting off scot-free for this crime. Where is the justice in that? Our legal system is letting us down and is not protecting us.

I have always been one of those people who tries to be tolerant and accepting of people from all races, religions, and nationalities. But my tolerance is now wearing thin thanks to this senseless attack. My tolerance for illegal alien Mexican thugs began to wane after I moved to Florida because I was suddenly surrounded by them everywhere I went.

Illegal aliens do not belong here. They are flooding into our country unchecked and are taking jobs away from American citizens who need them. They are bringing drugs into our country and infecting our people with them. They refuse to learn our language and assimilate into American culture and they are disrespectful to the people here.

Something needs to be done about this threat that is invading our country. These illegal aliens have nothing of value to add to our country. They bring nothing to this country but drugs, crime, overpopulation, and slave-wage labor that steals jobs away from American citizens who need those jobs to support their families.

Your organization has my support 100%.


[Identity deleted to protect writer}